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Navigating Our Terrain

Aug 19, 2020

Have you ever wanted to peel back a corner of an artist’s mind just to see what exactly it is that has inspired their work? Well, that’s exactly what we have the pleasure of doing in today’s episode with Benjamin Shine. Benjamin is a brilliant artist who has had a beautiful display in Bergdorf Goodman’s in New York City, worked on a couture line with Givenchy, and even has a piece acquired by The Met.

You will definitely want to hear Benjamin’s fascinating story about how he got to where he is today. He went to fashion school, but ended up dropping out just because he didn’t feel like he had the ‘passion for fashion’ that he would need to complete the schooling and decided to pursue his sculptural artistry. He was naturally drawn to a work that isn’t seasonal as fashion tends to be. He also knew he wanted to ‘make something’, but didn’t want to be confined by the body.

Have you, like Benjamin, been drawn to something that you can’t explain? Do you believe the universe has called you to that particular thing? Did you pursue it, or did you push it to the side? Let us know in the comments!


In This Episode

  • The unique story of how Benjamin was drawn to tulle.
  • Benjamin’s creative process when presented with a challenge.
  • Some of the different inventions Benjamin has created and produced that fueled his creative flow and taught him a lot about the business aspect of the industry.
  • Why the majority of the portraits he produces are women and how energy plays a part in his materials and works themselves.
  • The lessons Benjamin has learned from the material and the importance of working alongside that material verses overworking it.



“I think that’s the beauty of aging and experiences, is you grab things as you go along and you don’t necessarily realize you’re doing it.”

“There is power in that which is quiet”

“Ideas of energy and things like that come into play with this material because, for me, it almost forms energy streams and this idea of manifestation it forms into and out of physical form.”

“As a designer, you are thinking ahead to formulate this end product, and therefore you’re almost trying to test yourself. Can you think of all the problems that are going to come up before they happen?…. It’s almost impossible to not have an ego when you are so driven to solve the problems, and be correct, and right, and know it before it happens.”



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