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Navigating Our Terrain

Aug 13, 2020

The sacred and divine feminine is wisdom passed down for generations, especially through women of color. Professor Claudia J. Ford joins me to talk about how, as a society, we can start reconnecting with the divine feminine, why we need to, and how to work through our grief for the world while still holding on to hope.

Over many generations, our connection with the divine feminine has been disrupted. Through colonialism, racism, and an increasing fear of women’s power to give birth, we have lost the reverence our cultures once had. 

The patriarchy is increasingly, still, of the belief that they are solely responsible and in control of women’s bodies - when this couldn’t be further from the truth. And, in reality, this belief is harmful and destructive to everyone.

It’s important that we strive to reach a sense of balance between the divine feminine, divine masculine, and the future of our cultures. By accepting that there can be more than one truth, we can all fully embrace and accept the non-existence of the gender binary. The future is fluid: gender, agriculture, and our connection to the divine.

Claudia explains why we all need to engage in difficult conversations in order to heal ourselves and the world, move forward from the divisive culture we find ourselves in, and have hope for the future. 

Yes, the world is hurting right now and there is a collective feeling of grief. We can sit with this grief while still moving forward with hope for our future. We have to.

How can you embrace the divine feminine in your everyday life? Are you ready to have the difficult conversations in order to heal and move forward? I’d love if you shared your thoughts in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • What the sacred feminine is
  • How colonialism has impacted our connection to the divine feminine
  • What happened to turn the reverence of women’s childbearing to fear
  • Why the idea that women can’t control their own lives is destructive to our society
  • What role balance has in the divine feminine
  • How we can embrace gender non-binary as the future
  • Why we need to engage in difficult conversations
  • How we can sit with grief for what’s happening in the world and move forward with hope



“I think that the women of color, the women from black and brown communities, have been deeply hurt and traumatized and continue to be so.” (15:06)

“Part of this new way of thinking is to be able to hold more than one truth at the same time.” (30:24)

“The discomfort is absolutely necessary for us to act. Because we need to act, we need to change our behavior. So we feel uncomfortable, we feel sad. I’m not trying to get rid of that feeling, because it feels appropriate and necessary to make the changes we need to make.” (39:14)



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