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Navigating Our Terrain

Sep 23, 2020

As a society, we’ve lost much of the healing knowledge that our ancestors held. With that loss, combined with corporate greed, has come a fear of herbal medicine. Karen M. Rose joins me to talk about how the Divine Feminine is rising, ancient medicine is finally coming back, and why you need to heal your spirit.

Karen says we need to rediscover how to trust ourselves, unlearning all the years of corporate propaganda that have been embedded into our minds. When we’re ready to expand ourselves, we will feel more comfortable exploring ancient medicines as an alternative to modern, and in my opinion last resort, medicines.

Regardless of where your medicine comes from, true healing comes from within yourself. And with the global rise of the Divine Feminine, we’re seeing mass healing on a bigger scale than ever before. But for many women, especially black women, we need to deal with ancestral trauma that’s been passed down through our lineage.

What modern medicine is missing is the language of wellness. Modern medicine treats the symptoms but it doesn’t look at the root cause or the health of your spirit. We’ve truly disconnected from the spirit of the earth and are only now finding our way back.

Karen believes that we all need to celebrate and feel our joy every single day. Even when you’re fighting the good fight, sad about the state of the world, or whatever other negative emotions are swirling around in you. When you embrace joy, you embrace life… and you should always strive to be that calming and joyful model for others, as Karen is every day.

For Karen, our spirit is the most important aspect of ourselves to heal. There is a connection between illness and spirit; you can’t heal only one, and you might find that when you’re healing your spirit, you’re also healing your illness and trauma.

How are you finding and celebrating joy every day? How have you connected to your spirit today? I’d love if you shared your thoughts in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode:

  • Why we’ve developed a fear of herbal medicine
  • Where healing comes from
  • How the emergence of the Divine Feminine is healing the world
  • What does it look like to have ancestral trauma in your lineage
  • How modern medicine has ignored the language of wellness
  • Why you need to stay connected to joy, especially through difficult times
  • How you can be a model for joy and relaxation for others
  • What the connection between illness and spirit is
  • How you can show up in both your trauma and your joy



“I find that our language in the West is designed to create a separation between ancient medicine and people. So, of course, if we think of it as something alternative or something that is next to normal, we have a harder time using it.” (6:34)

“The more healed you become the more you see what you need to heal.” (15:22)

“We’re going to delve into all the ways in which plants work in this body but also all the ways in which plants work in the spirit. They cannot be separated from what’s going on around you spiritually and emotionally.” (41:26)



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